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Not many things make me feel happy as doing the laundry and making sure my clothes are kept in good condition. I’ve come to realize that taking care of your garments will ultimately extend their time in your closet and preserve the environment (think sustainable fashion). Even yesterday, I spent a good chunk of my day hand-washing my cashmere and wool jumpers, de-pilling them and re-sewing buttons on other pieces. I added a few ‘tools’ to my clothing care kit that mostly have to do with knits, and I have decided to share my discoveries with you (as winter is in full force and you’ll want to make sure your favourite chunky turtleneck stays clean and beautiful).


I discovered ‘The Laundress’, a company specializing in eco-friendly and high-efficiency cleaning products, but mostly targeted for the laundry. Oh my word! I can’t even tell you how much time I spent geeking out, looking at all their ‘how to’ blog posts and laundry tips. Their marketing worked wonders on me and within an hour I ordered their Wool & Cashmere Shampoo to use when I hand-wash my clothes (they even gave me a bigger bottle than the one I ordered so I was very pleased) and their Wool and Cashmere Spray for freshening up the knits between washes. I used it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it, especially the cedar smell that’s also supposed to repel moths.


Another addition to my care kit has been the Gleener (see picture below). It was something my boss recommended to me for removing fuzz and my dad gave it to me for secret Santa. It comes with three different ‘shavers’ to use depending on the fabric and a lint brush on the other side. Not only is this super satisfying, it’s also safer to use on delicate wools than an electric shaver. I’m obsessed!


For storing knits I don’t have any tool per se, but as I’ve said in previous clothing care blog posts, the best way to store them to keep their shape is by folding them on a shelf, and please, never hang them! I would also recommend the same for when it’s time to dry your sweaters after washing them: lay the items flat as opposed to hanging them.

That’s all for my tips! Let me know if there’s anything that you love to use in your laundry routine!

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