As I said in my previous post, I feel like my personal style is changing. I don't know if this is associated with the change of season (being optimistic here, because there is still snow covering the grass), but I'm loving prints, and also midi skirts! I love midi skirts but they somehow have to be pleated or "floating", I don't really like the pencil skirt effect, and it is not very comfortable either. I think my love for this kind of skirt comes from the Australian blogger Jasmine Dowling. I've been following her for a while on all her social medias, and she often rambles about what she buys on her snapchat, and midi skirts are often part of that. It looks so good on her, plus it's easy to wear, and it's kind of like a statement piece. The midi skirt is from Whistles

I've also been smitten with polka dots. This comes from the blogger Kate Glitter, which is German I believe. I discovered her on Instagram, and now I want all her clothes! This polka dot dress comes from the Danish shop Baum Und Pferdgarten, which I've also been loving in the past few months. They have really cool pieces, but unfortunately quite expensive. I really want to get one of their pieces one day because they have a unique touch. 

Finally, how cute are these Chiara Ferragni Collection boots? I didn't know she had pieces like these in her collection, so I've been pleasantly surprised when I saw that my favorite it girl of the moment, Caroline Vreeland, posted a picture of her new boots (the same but in brown). 

So I guess the moral of my blog post is that you should immediately go discover Jasmine Dowling, Kate Glitter, Baum Und Pfergarten, and Caroline Vreeland. Oh and may I just add Emily Weiss? She's my favorite girl entrepreneur and her style is on point! 

What are your new awesome fashion (or fashion icon) discoveries? Love. S.