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I may not have gotten into the white cowboy boots trend on time this year, but I’m well prepared to transfer this trend onto white sandals. In an article for the Sunday Times Style published a few months ago, Pandora Sykes said that “white boots are not subtle, but they feel optimistic. Solid yet fresh. You do not trudge in white boots, you stamp. And what, in these charged times, could be better than that?”, and I would argue that white sandals feel the same. It’s not an obvious choice to pair with an outfit, but it’s one that feels right. I’ve made a selection of two beautiful pairs of white sandals and you’ll see me wearing them all summer long.

It looks amazing with cropped jeans, even better with a printed dress, and so chic with wide-legged culottes. I’m slightly worried about keeping them white, but spot-cleaning them after each wear should do the trick.

What is your favourite summer trend?

Right sandals: Aldo / Left sandals: Call It Spring

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