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WET PAINT: Two short words I associate with creativity and art. I've made a conscious effort this summer to find different ways to express my creativity, whether it's through clothing, writing, making collages, etc. I've always considered myself super creative, and the giant box filled with all my drawings, dream house plans or paintings I've done between the ages of 10-15 is a testament of that. As I get older I rarely bring out my arts and crafts supplies for a DIY session but I'm always happy to embrace spontaneous acts of creativity on a regular basis. 

Putting together an outfit is a great reflection of your mood and personal style. As often as I can, I'll try to find new combinations with the items I have in my wardrobe and try to mix colors and prints. I love this outfit because the bold pairing of pink and red just works so well! This outfit gave me confidence despite its very bright colors. Besides, colours make us happy right? 

Recently, I've also gone back to a Mud Oven café and painted a shell-shaped box with glitters and pastel colors, I've tried to come up with stories on my commute to work to entertain myself and I've noted down on my phones a few words or things to research for inspiration for my next creative session. 

How to you express your creativity on a regular basis?

T-shirt: Stine Goya / Trousers: COS / Shoes: Aldo / Necklace: Missoma x Lucy Williams / Bracelet: Maanesten / 'S' earring: Catbird / Bar earring: Mejuri

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