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After what felt like the longest two weeks, I decided it was time to escape the city and spend the weekend in the countryside with my parents and my little sister. The past two days have been glorious. I've finally been able to recharge, and it feels amazing! We get so caught up in the routine and the everyday tasks that we sometimes forget to just take it all in and be grateful for what's around us. In 24 hours, I've read Emily Giffin's most recent novel from start to finish, something I haven't done in months! And this weekend I also took the time to watch tv, enjoy a glass of wine and good food, do a hangout video call with my bestie and sit down and looked at the view of the lake. I would extend the weekend into a week if I could! 

I also tried to take some kind of 'digital break' but of course, I do enjoy a little Instagram scroll and reading the new articles that pop up on the Internet, so it didn't end up working. I've been really happy to learn that & Other Stories will be opening a store in Montreal (something I've been waiting for for years), I also enjoyed Dolly Alderton's new piece about Sex & The City in the Sunday Times Style, and a podcast about publishing and book deals with Sara Tasker and Abigail Bergstrom. 

My goal for this week is to not get so caught up in work emotionally (because I tend to do that a lot), and to also finish editing the video I filmed with Martine because I'm so excited to share it here! For the rest of the week, I just want to take it slowly, because after that we have two Bank Holiday weekends in a row and these always fly by so fast!

This post was a bit of a rambly one but sometimes it's just nice to not have too many guidelines and write freely. How was your weekend?

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