Last Thursday, I was invited to discover the new rooms at the W Hotel Montreal, and it was quite an experience! As soon as I arrived, I was brought to the 10th floor. The corridors were transformed in party corridors: with a bar, and two models pretending to have a cocooning time with their bathrobes. The medias had access to four rooms, and each room had its own amazing concept. All the rooms had two floors, a fantastic view over Montreal and a balcony; do I need to say more?  

In the first one, there was food and a model pretending to do a photo shoot on a bed. A few bloggers and myself jumped on the bed with her to take photos because how funny is it to be 10 fashion bloggers on a bed? In the second room, two boys were playing chess. The third one had the coolest theme: There were three boys in colourful suits and pink flamingos everywhere. One of the boys was on a chair in the shower reading the paper! The last room had Christmas decorations and two models in winter coats on the balcony.

The experience was incredible, and the hotel very luxurious and trendy. After visiting the rooms, we went downstairs to see DJ Abeille perform and after there was a Milk and Bone show, but I missed it because it was later in the evening.

To describe the event in one word, I would say it was breathtaking, just like the hotel! It was the first time I saw such a concept and really enjoyed it. Little bonus point for dressing the models with Montreal designer clothes: Harricana, Melissa Nepton, and more!

Photos: Nightlife & me