My dream: Staying in bed all day (every day), eating croissants, watching Netflix, and wearing the coziest clothes I own... 

I decided to recreate the same vibe in an editorial-story (with a little bit more glam) last week at the W hotel in Montreal. Their new two-storey rooms are the perfect example of a modern, dynamic, and trendy space! With a fluffy white bed, and a gold couch, I was conquered! 

*The following story is a fictional description of the pictures*

So this is the story of two friends having a girly escapade in downtown Montreal... They spent the previous day shopping on Sainte-Catherine, trying the new menue at Soubois, and having a coffee break at Tommy Montreal. The next day, it is pouring rain, and the girls decide to stay in. They order a bunch of croissants, take a ton polaroids, read magazines, and put makeup on. Such a bliss! Love. S. 

Photos: Eva Bambara @evabamb