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Happy Sunday, hope you're all well! I mentioned briefly in my last post that I went vintage shopping recently and found a great blazer. I had done a little bit of vintage shopping in the past but it was mostly online on places like Depop or curated websites. One of my resolutions for the new year was to experiment more with thrift shopping and buying secondhand when possible (obviously it is still something I'm learning and will be implementing slowly). So I went to Value Village with my two sisters, who both know more about thrifting than I do.

I must say I was quite overwhelmed and did not know where to start or what to look for. This is probably a tip I would suggest: know what you are looking for or what you need, don't buy a piece just because it's a bargain. When I was in the blazer section, I found a few pieces I liked but either the fit wasn't right or there was a detail I didn't like. 

The blazer I found is not perfect of course, and I had to make a few modifications, but it also has many aspects I loved. For instance, it is made in Canada and you can tell the quality is exceptional. It is also 100% wool with a silk lining. The button at the front was loose so I changed it but I might change all the buttons including the ones on the cuffs for black ones that will give a more contemporary look to the blazer. There was also a slight food stain on the front but I got it dry cleaned and it was removed with no problem. I would have liked for the blazer to be slightly longer but I guess for the price I paid, it was a steal and I've managed to check so many points off my list. 

What has been your best thrifted find?

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