All the photos via

All the photos via

Totême is a brand created 3 years ago in New York city by Elin Kling and her husband Karl Lindman. Both are from Sweden and their minimal and geometric designs are easy to notice in the streets and on social media. I have been following their brand since the very beginning and since then, dreaming of acquiring some of their pieces. Unfortunately for me (but thankfully for my wallet), they do not ship to Canada. I think what I love the most is their unique logo that they use in different pieces of clothing. It is simple, and at first glance looks like any other geometric design. However when you look at it more closely, it is so unique and intricate. Their colour palette is timeless and super easy to style. The photography is spot on and the quality looks impeccable. I have nothing bad to say about this brand except that I wish they would ship worldwide. 

My favourite pieces from their current collection include an immaculate beige towel, perfect for a day at the beach or a private pool session. Their silk scarf would be tied around my neck at all time if I could get my hands on it. Their Chelsea coat looks like the comfiest and most flattering piece on Earth. It goes back to the Scandi roots of the brand because comfort in winter is essential. Finally, their Kenya Monogram tunic is an easily recognizable piece from their brand that I would wear for both formal occasions and casual days.

My 4 favourite pieces

- Montauk Towel Cream

- Chelsea Coat Black

- Kenya Monogram Tunic

- San Remo Scarf

Visit Totême for more style inspiration.