Money is not a topic I always feel comfortable talking about. I met someone from high school on the bus the other day and as we were catching up, she asked me about the salary I would expect to make when I graduate. It made me feel rather uncomfortable, as you can imagine. Then I spent a good amount of time thinking about money conversations and I've realized one area I feel quite open about is saving money. In the past year, I've started putting money aside in order to move to London next year. It made me think about how I spend money on a daily basis and what I should change. I'm not saying I know it all, these are just a few tricks that helped me put more money in savings. 

Why Do You Need To Save Money?

Do you have a trip coming soon? Do you want to find a new apartment? Do you have a dream that requires a large amount of money on the side? I'm telling you: if you have a motivation behind your saving habits, it will be a LOT easier! Of course, it can be to build a safety cushion or save money for a deposit on a house in a few years. Ask yourself why you need to be more careful with your spendings, it will be a very personal answer.

Look At Your Bank & Credit Card Statement Often

When you know what you have and what you need to pay, money becomes less scary. I heard this tip in a podcast last summer and since then I make sure to check my balance a few times a week. Knowing this will help you make decisions about whether to spend or to keep your money.

Find a Balance

Of course, it's hard to put everything in your savings account and never touch it. Personally, if I don't treat myself from time to time, I know I'll end up binge spending (it's the same with food). What I suggest is treating yourself with small things while finding a balance. It can be a Starbucks latte, a new book or lunch at your favorite restaurant. 

Saving is all about making smart decisions and thinking about your needs and objectives. Do you have any tips for saving money?

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