Are you in love with the idea of love? 

Will Darbyshire, a filmmaker and YouTuber, asked his audience of over 600k subscribers to send him the love letters they would write to the person they love, the person they used to love, and their crushes. He put it all together with photos, and words to put together this book of love. The letters come from all corners of the world and are written by people from all ages. 

This book made me smile, it made me feel sad, and it made me laugh! All the letters that were compiled are so honest, simple, and raw, it's almost impossible to not feel what the writer is feeling. If just like me you love to watch rom-coms, write handwritten letters, and snuggle up in a blanket, I recommend that you read this book. 

It's a very fast read but you will be completely immersed in the words you read. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I feel like it's the perfect timing to read this book.

This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire