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I hate to say this, but I spent most of the long weekend consuming content (instead of working on finishing my essays). Unfortunately, I kept hearing my parent's voice in my head telling me that it's important to find a balance between consuming and creating haha. But I guess a weekend once in a while isn't too bad... right? And at least I have gathered content recommendations that I am sure you will love.

Mari Andrew's illustrations for A Cup of Jo

I recently discovered A Cup of Jo's blog through a podcast and I've become totally smitten with Mari Andrew's guest posts. Every Friday, she shares an illustration about life and it is SO relatable. I'm not going to say more than this because you need to check it out

Charlotte Cardin's Go Flex Cover

Charlotte Cardin is probably my favourite Canadian artist. I've seen her perform twice and I'm always impressed with her own songs but also her covers. Last Friday she released a cover of Post Malone's song Go Flex and it's even better than the original. I've been playing it on repeat all weekend. 

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Rewatching Girls

Whether you like Lena Dunham or not, you have to at least watch Girls once in your life because it is the funniest tv show. Basically, it's about four girls trying to become grown-ups but they just fail at everything. I love how real it is and the character's wittiness.

Lindsey Holland's The Reset Series

If you ever feel slightly anxious or out of place, I would recommend watching Lindsey's Reset Series. In her videos, she discusses her struggles with anxiety and the steps she takes to feel better. I love how this series is like an honest conversation with her viewers and the comments section is always very relevant.

Millenial Love Podcast

And because you know I can't spend a month without sharing a new podcast discovery. This time it's a podcast by The Independent featuring discussions between two millennial girls, Rachel and Olivia, about love and relationships. This podcast is brilliant and funny!

Do you have any content recommendations?

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