I was recently introduced to Emma Robert's online book club Belletrist and they presented the book "The Rules Do Not Apply" by Ariel Levy. So I followed their advices and read it. The book is a memoir about Ariel Levy's life, a journalist for the New Yorker. It's a crushing story about loss, marriage, exploring the world, and believing in yourself. Ariel Levy said in an interview with Emma Roberts that she can only see herself writing non-fiction, because she wants to share her vision of the world with people. And her writing is beautiful, this book is a page-turner! 

I loved that the story carries the message that you should be independent and able to do what you want in life, it's also something her mom kept reminding her. Her description of the people around her seem so real that it almost felt like I knew them. I loved the parts where she travelled to a new country to interview people about the subjects that mattered to her like women identity or politics. It made me see another aspect of journalism because she wanted to tell people's stories for the sake of changing society's perceptions, not only for the views. The hardest part of the book was when she described her miscarriage, I'm not going to spoil it but it was heartbreaking but so important, and you should definitely read it. 

It's a story about losing everything you have but staying strong and moving forward. It is also a proof that hope can change everything. This is a book all teenagers and young adults should read but especially young women. It made me realize that what we expect it not always what is going to happen and you need to be compassionate and independent in order to face difficult events. 

"The Rules Do Not Apply", Ariel Levy