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I would be lying if I said I haven't read all of Sophie Kinsella's novels. It all started with her Shopaholic series (7 years ago) and I was hooked! Surprise Me is her latest book and it will be out in February. 

The storyline is about this Sylvie and her husband celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Their marriage is going super well and they think they know everything about each other. However, someone mentions to them that they have at least 68 more years of marriage together. This is when they start panicking. They come up with the "surprise me" plan in order to spice up their marriage and make the ordinary extraordinary. But it turns out not quite right...

Although my personal situation is the complete opposite of the characters', I was able to identify with the idea of the "every day", monotony, and how to make life more interesting. Surely this book will make you read and you'll end up finishing it so quickly! I would recommend it to anyone who needs to evade in a light-hearted book or for any Sophie Kinsella fans in the room!