summer-plan - 1.jpg

I've been off from school from so long now, and so many things have happened that I feel like I really have to enjoy the rest of the summer before it's too late. I wrote down a few things that are on my bucket list and I'm going to try to accomplish them in the month and a half I have left...

Getting a second ear piercing

I'm probably the last 20-year-old on the planet without a second hole in my ears (even my two younger sisters decided to have theirs pierced last Winter). Somehow I've always put it off because I'm scared of getting infections. What changed my mind has been seeing the cool jewelry combinations of Lindsey from Ropes of Holland and Lizzy from Shot From the Street. As a jewelry lover, having two holes in each ear would mean experimenting with more pieces and it makes me so excited! Let's just see if I actually go with it...

Read another play written by Ibsen

In Oslo, Elisabeth and I visited the Ibsen museum and Ibsen's apartment. The tour guide was so lovely and passionate about Ibsen's work that she made me want to read some of his other plays. At University I take one English literature class every semester as a complementary course and I think this shows how much I enjoy literature.

Go for high tea

I just discovered that Burgundy Lion Pub on Notre-Dame O has opened a high tea service on Sundays in their chic sunroom on the second floor. I'm waiting for my childhood friend to come back from India and then we'll make a reservation there. And it's a full on English high tea... yessss!

Thrift Shop

I'm not a very patient person, and I hate shopping off-line (except when I'm traveling), so you can imagine thrift shopping isn't one of my favourite activities. However, I do see the benefits in terms of sustainability and finding unique pieces for your wardrobe. I have a few preloved designer pieces but I really want to dip into the real thrift shop experience. I'll, of course, ask the help of my sisters because they're pros. 

What's on your bucket list for the rest of the summer?