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It’s that time of the year when I make resolutions for my closet because I want to shop more intelligently (or less) and actually wear the pieces I own. I have been trying to make better choices and take care of my clothes in a more clever way but here are the simple improvements I still need to make in 2019…

Buying preloved pieces

The main thing I discovered fashion-wise in 2018 is that buying preloved pieces is easy, accessible and better on your wallet and the environment. Thrift-shopping was never my thing because I’m so impatient and never knew where to go. Thankfully, with online places like Depop (my new social media addiction, I’m even selling pieces @iamsandrine), Own the Couture, VSP Consignment, The Real Real or Vestiaire Collective, it’s actually very fun, even just for browsing. I want to be more sustainable and fashion-conscious in 2019 so if I’m in need of a new item, I should look on the preowned market beforehand. In the photo above I am wearing a special edition Ganni t-shirt that I found on Depop. I initially tried it this summer at Selfridges in London (after lusting over it in February) but decided I did not want to spend that much on a t-shirt. Now the universe rewarded me when I found this preloved piece extremely discounted and still in pristine condition. Yay for secondhand shopping!

Washing less

I have a tendency to wash my clothes too often, even after wearing pieces for just a few hours. It’s not great, especially when it involves hand-washing wool or cashmere sweaters. One of my strategies for washing my knits less often this year is to wear a t-shirt underneath. Seems so obvious right? But I only discovered this strategy a few weeks ago and it revolutionized my world. Hopefully it is good enough to keep my clothes in good condition, along with these tips I previously shared.

The big clear out - fitting my wardrobe in suitcases

It’s T minus 4 and a half months until I officially move abroad but there is still a lot of preparation to do. I will have to fit all my life in two suitcases and one carry on, which means a big wardrobe clear out is necessary. I will of course document the whole process but I’m trying to start gradually now and get rid of the stuff I know I won’t need. It is both stressful and exciting but I know the outcome will be a perfectly curated capsule wardrobe.

Wearing: Ganni Souvenir Shop Pop Up t-shirt found on Depop / Skirt: Zara