Emily Weiss via  The Coveteur

Emily Weiss via The Coveteur

Emily Weiss is the founder of Glossier and Into the Gloss, but also one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I've loved her looks ever since I saw her on The Hills many years ago (she was the New York intern at Teen Vogue). So today, this post is an ode to her amazing sense of style! Weiss mixes wonderfully minimal outfits with bold prints and unique pieces. Just like me, she has a soft spot for Scandinavian brands! She is fearless, inspiring and I would trade her wardrobe with mine anytime (although I doubt she'd be as happy as I would be haha).

Pictures via Instagram @emilywweiss

Pictures via Instagram @emilywweiss

Best Looks:

I must admit I'm completely obsessed with her minimal yet super chic wedding dress! She also looks amazing with just a simple ribbed salmon top and white denim, a colour combo I need to try! And what do you think of her amazing vintage Saint Laurent feather jacket? I would say it's a pretty amazing piece to own. And finally, a Ganni ensemble she wore to fashion week. Two words: effortlessly chic!

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Key style elements:

Emily constantly mixes bold pieces with true and tested basics. Some things I've seen her wearing a lot in her outfit pictures:

  • A printed blouse
  • Silky fabrics
  • Feathers
  • High waisted Levi's
  • Glossier pink pouch
  • Cartier Le Clou + Cartier Love bracelets

Brands she loves:

  • Saks Potts
  • Ganni
  • Toteme
  • DÔEN
  • Outdoor Voices

And finally one of her greatest fashion statements (Read caption)

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Here you go! Who is your style icon?