Whenever I notice that my bedroom is messy, I know that it's because I'm feeling overwhelmed in another area of my life. During an exam period, there are textbooks and study sheets everywhere. When I'm out of the house a lot, I tend to leave some of my clothes on the floor... I notice it immediately because I'm usually quite a tidy person. And now it's almost spring, I'm in need for change, and I know this starts with a good spring cleaning!


We all know the concept of "Capsule wardrobes" but it can be hard to adapt it to your own closet. This spring I want to get rid of every clothing item I know I'm not going to wear and bring them to charity. I also want to make sure I stop buying cheap trendy clothes because I always get tired of them and that's not very sustainable. Maybe I should start writing a list of every clothing piece I own and follow the same planning procedure to evaluate what I have and what I need. Do you have any tips for me?

Social Media

Virtual spaces also need to be cleaned sometimes! My resolution this spring is to unfollow all the accounts I don't care about that I followed 6 years ago and delete apps that I don't use. I might also want to delete some old pictures or at least archive them. I know some of them are great memories, but I don't think a photo of my nail art from when I was 13 years old still belongs on the Internet. And maybe another step this season would be to try spending less time online? Is that even possible? Maybe I should just start by getting rid of Snapchat. 


I usually never have problems getting rid of stuff... except for books! When my bookshelf at home is full, I take out some of the books and bring them to the country house. I guess it's a good way to get them out of the way but I'm sure I don't need to keep ALL my books. This is definitely something I need to work on!

What's on your "spring clean" to-do this year?

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