If you are looking for something to do this weekend, I have the answer for you: have brunch at Soubois! This very trendy nightclub now offers a very luxurious Sunday brunch from 11 to 4, and here is what you have to know about it;

First of all, the venue is just sumptuous! It looks like you are about to enter an enchanted forest with the giant trees, and the impressive cellar. But the food is even better!

I usually don't order grilled cheese because they are often all the same, but the one on their menu is exquisite. It is made of Compton cheese, truffle, and white ham. Talk about extravagant! On the menu there is also lobster, served with hollandaise sauce and caviar, delicious! But my favorite plate: steak and egg. The mix of the steak with the sauce and the poached egg was unexpected, but oh so good. 

For pancake lovers, I heard that they are divine! Other than that there is an awesome plate of potatoes and garlic, smoked salmon, or egg Benedictine. And last but not least: the fantastic cocktail card! Mimosa, bloody Mary, the list goes on! I unfortunately did not try the cocktails because I was driving, but the envy was definitely there. 

Overall, it was the most flamboyant and amazing brunch I have ever been to. I highly suggest that you go treat yourself to this food-extravaganza, you will not regret it! Love. S. 

Photos: Patricia Brochu

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