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As you know, I love Scandinavia and Nordic countries deeply, and there's nothing that makes me happier than reading books on the topic. I've read and reviewed a few in the past like North: How to Live Scandinavian, Dress Scandinavian, The Almost Nearly Perfect People, A Year of Living Danishly, Real Nordic Living, and the list goes on! My latest 'Nordic' read is Katja Pantzar's The Finish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu. I will go as far as to say this book changed my daily routine. 

Sisu is to Finland what Hygge is to Denmark. But instead of being about happiness, Sisu is about perseverance and motivation. It's not about taking the easy shortcuts but rather going the long way to experience life fully. In the book, the author tells the story of when she moved to Finland and how she changed her lifestyle: from winter swimming in the ocean to biking, food and her relationship with nature. It's divided into chapters for each lifestyle category, and at the end of the chapters she explains how we can make simple changes in our own lives, even if we don't live in Finland. This book is the perfect kick of motivation for when you want to feel better and lighter. I almost wanted to try winter swimming (and then spend a day in a sauna ah!). It also confirmed Finland is the next country I'd like to visit... maybe one day!