My 5 commandments for a simpler (and happier) life

1- Don't worry - This one is hard because I'm a bit time worrier. It's something I'm still working on but I feel like I'll be a master at controlling my worries in a few years (let's hope).

2- Eat what you love - If I feel like having a ton of blueberries one day and a bag of chips the other day it's completely fine! As long as it makes me happy and I'm keeping some kind of balance. BALANCE is the key word!

3- Take time to read - I can't find a better way to evade reality than a book. Reading a chapter everyday or a finish a book in one sitting on the weekend. Choose books that will inspire you, make you learn, or entertain you!

4- Wear what I love - There's no point in following a trend that I do not feel comfortable in or that doesn't suit me just because it's trendy. Let's all wear our favourite clothes everyday. In these pictures I'm wearing this stunning top from COS. I spotted it on a girl at work and decided to track it down on the Internet. It ended well because I bought it the next day and it was on sale!

5- Choose the people you want to spend time with - Do not feel forced that you have to spend time with toxic people or people with whom you don't have a connection with. I love to interact with people when they have cool stories to tell and something inspiring about them. 

What are your personal commandments for a simpler life?