Skincare, along with books and Scandinavian style, is probably one of my favourite things in the world. I’m always looking to improve my beauty routine and find the best products available on the market. Savan, a Quebec City-based skincare company, recently got in touch with me to try their products. I was impressed, and quite honestly very intrigued because there aren’t many local skincare brands. My first impression was that the packaging is absolutely beautiful and fulfills all my minimalist dreams.

The mission of the brand is to promote the importance of self care and taking time for yourself. They use safe ingredients to create the perfect ‘modern routine’. I tried the whole range for two weeks now and here are my impressions.

Gentle Cleanser

When I first used it, the cleanser reminded me a lot of my all time favourite, the Glossier’s Milky Jelly cleanser. The texture is quite similar, it has this gel-like consistency that leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. I like how it feels, my only concern is that it is a foaming cleaser, but I know a lot of people like that. The best part about it is that it is unscented, which means it’s perfect for a morning cleanse.

Hydrating Oil

Every beauty cupboard should include a hydrating oil for dry days. Use it before bed and the next day you’ll wake up with glowing skin. I love the texture of this one because it doesn’t feel too dry like a lot of other oils. It has a natural scent and it absorbs very quickly, which means you can use it for day or night.

Lightweight Moisturizer

This has to be my favourite product! By lightweight, they mean a super soft formula that almost feels like water (without being a gel). There is no overpowering scent and it sinks into the skin within a few seconds. It’s especially great to use in the morning, or to carry with you when you’re feeling dry in the cold months. I’ve been using it on top of their hydrating oil and the next morning my skin was glowing and looked fresh.

Overall Impressions

I love the simplicity of the routine promoted by the brand. The products are pleasant to use and they leave the skin feeling very relaxed and taken care of. At first glance I would have thought that this was a Scandi brand but I’m very happy that it is from home.

*Products were gifted by the brand but all opinions are my own. Buy the products here.