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Reading can seem like a solitary activity, but it’s not all true. Over the past year, I’ve had so many insightful discussions about books with other people online; whether it’s on Instagram, via blog comments or on GoodReads. And talking about GoodReads, you can visit my GoodReads account for more recommendations! But today… onto the books I have read since the beginning of spring…

Blue Nights - Joan Didion

Joan Didion’s books are a balm for the soul. Once again, I was completely wrapped up in her universe and her beautiful writing. Blue Nights is about how she coped with the death of her daughter Quintana Roo. I’m pretty sure it was set after The Year of Magical Thinking, the novel documenting her grief after her husband’s death. It’s a hopeful and nostalgic book that everyone should read whether you’re in that situation or not!

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(FRENCH) Sam perd la tête #2 / Sam perd la carte #1 - Sandra Sirois

Once in a while, I love discovering books from local authors. These two are about Samantha, a twenty-something girl who’s hoping to find love through the most preposterous series of events. The first novel is centered around her solo trip to Munich and South East Asia where she will find herself amidst the chaos of the unknown. The second book was my favourite of the two, and it also just came out TODAY so go pick up a copy! This one is more centered on Sam’s love life and her absurd adventures with men. If you’re looking for a page turner that will make you laugh (and experience the joys of shadenfreude), these books are made for you! I have read them in a day each because they felt like candy that you cannot stop eating haha!

Hot Milk - Deborah Levy

I admit I was quite disappointed after reading this Deborah Levy novel. I’d previously read her memoirs ‘The Cost of Living’ and ‘Things I Don’t Want To Know’ and the rhythm of her writing was what really got me to like them. In this case, the novel was set up in a very promising way, a woman who came to Spain with her mom in order to cure her from an unknown disease and to find herself simultaneously. I felt like the story lacked a proper ending, and there were a lot of unnecessary elements. It would be easier to read on a beach due to the very slow progression of events. Not sure I would recommend this one…

Daisy Jones & The Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid

Oh wow! I cannot count how many times I’ve been recommended this book, how many times I’ve walked passed it at the bookstore and read the synopsis but left it there. But I eventually did, and I do not regret it at ALL! Lovers of Almost Famous, this book will transport you in the same universe as the movie. It’s about Daisy Jones, an aspiring rock start with an undeniable charm and her association with the popular 70s band The Six. It’s written in a documentary style with interviews, so it’s very interactive but also unexpected. I just finished it and I cannot get enough of it. Thankfully, Daisy Jones and The Six will be adapted as a web series by Reese Witherspoon.

Next on my list are:

What have you been reading or planning to read this spring?

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