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Hello! It's been a while since I've updated you with the books I've read, but if you've seen my last post, you will know it's because I started three books at the same time instead of finishing one at the time. The last two I've read are somewhat related together because they were both written by incredibly talented and intelligent women. These books were also recommended to me many times. If you want more updates on my readings, I've created a Goodreads account.

I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, Nora Ephron

This book was fascinating, so much so that I read it in less than 24 hours. Nora Ephron wrote When Harry Met Sally, Julie & Julia and other amazing movies so I was intrigued to read one of her "physical books". This one is a combination of essays about what it's like to be a woman. She wrote this one when she was in her 60s which gives an interesting perspective on the topics discussed. I loved her story on living in New York and the anecdotes about her apartment in the Upper West Side. She also talks about raising children, the stupidity of beauty regimes and much more. It is a very funny piece and I'm sure I will find it even more relatable as I get older.

The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

I've loved Joan Didion from the moment I saw her in the Céline ad. Then I read South and West last year and decided I wanted to learn more about her. The Year of Magical Thinking is a personal memoir about the year after her husband died, which coincidently was the same year her daughter Quintana was hospitalized. She recounts the events with a lot of detachment, which is impressive. I've never experienced grief, but I'm sure this book would really help in terms of understanding emotions and knowing what to do next. Again, this is beautifully written and I cannot wait to pick up another one of her books. 

What have you been reading recently?