The month of April has been pretty busy with final exams and a new full-time jobs. So I spent most of my down time reading. To me, reading is an awesome way to relax and to get inspiration, creativity and dreams running through my head. Here's a run-through of some of the books I read this month. If you don't know, I've given myself the challenge of reading more books this year than I read last year (so far I read 19 woot woot). 

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

As I'm writing this, I finished the book less than an hour ago and I'm midway through the TV series. It's a total page-turner! The book discusses important and difficult issues such as conjugal violence, bullying, abuse, murder and more. It was sometimes tough to read but I was always very curious of what would happen next. The storyline is about three women with children of the same age who become friends and try to make sense of their lives and the drama at school.

Almost Adulting - Arden Rose

This non-fiction book is brilliant! Arden Rose is a YouTuber, and co-host of her new podcast "Crash on My Couch". In this nonfiction books, she gives tips, advices, anecdotes about everything relating to adulthood and the perceptions people have about it. I especially loved the sections about long-distance relationships and responsibilities. 

Next Year For Sure - Zoey Leigh Peterson

This novel creates an honest portrait of open-relationships. The idea of 'open-relationships' is a not a concept that I was very aware of. However, this story made me realize that, though it will probably never be my reality, it is still a reality. I appreciated the simple and straightforward writing. I think a book is great when you can learn something from it, and this was it.