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I am a coat addict. I don't think I could fit enough coats in my closet. But this season, I wanted to find my dream coat: a long oversized navy wool coat with a giant belt (To be fair I was looking for the coat Noora wears in season 2 of Skam). And I think I found it! It is cozy, versatile, effortlessly chic and also casual. I can wear it open or closed and I don't have to worry about dirt because it is a dark colour, it almost looks black. I have been wearing it all week and someone even called me Mary Poppins, which is a compliment I'm willing to accept haha. 

Imagine your dream coat. Can you describe it? 

Have a nice Sunday!

Coat: COS / Jumper: Wilfred @ Aritzia / Boots: Cartel Footwear

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