I have to admit it: I love to procrastinate. I often find myself doing the laundry, reading a book or falling into the YouTube black hole instead of finishing my University essays, answering e-mails or going to the post office to send something important. Granted doing the laundry can seem like a productive thing to do, but I consider this one of my top relaxation activities while listening to a good podcast. Here's how I motivate myself to be on top of my game and be productive with the *important stuff* (because I'm still a type A person eheh).

Monthly Calendar

I like to get an overview of the whole month to plan activities and schedule my tasks on a weekly or daily basis. If I know something is due in two weeks but next weekend is filled with activities, then it's easier to prioritize and fit in everything during my free days. Use color codes and don't be scared to add reminders, the monthly calendar is my most-used tool.

To-do List

One of the most satisfying thing in the whole-wide-world is to tick off a list on my to-do list. One tip I would give you is to start a to-do list everyday and even write the small tasks (that could seem insignificant). That way, you'll tick off a lot more tasks and it will make you happy. Happy = productive.

Fun Breaks

Even if you have a long list of things to do, don't forget to take breaks. It can be for 5 minutes only (or an hour). This is your reward for the hard work you've been doing. But only allow yourself a break if you feel like you've been actually working. And make your break a fun and relaxing time: take a bath, watch a video from your favourite YouTuber, eat a cookie, etc!

Good luck with your list of tasks! Please let me know if you have other tips, I would love to try them!