Although I do enjoy being on my phone, I will always make a conscious effort to put my phone away when I am with people (unless it’s to take photos, then I feel like I’m engaging with the other person as well). My biggest pet peeve is when you talk to someone and they are looking at their phone while talking to you. I’m bringing up this topic because last Friday I went to get a manicure and the nail technician kept stoping her work to reply to her texts. I was sitting less than a meter in front of her and she couldn’t help but text in my face for 5 minutes while I was waiting for my nails to get done. I don’t think it’s just the salons’ fault (despite the fact that the people working there were rude in so many ways), because it’s a common ‘bad habit’ nowadays. It happened to me while I was with friends and family and every single time I’ve told myself not to take it personally, but to learn from this and not make the mistake myself. If you’d rather be on your phone than at lunch with me, than please don’t agree to have lunch with me in the first place.

So that’s all with today’s rant. I try not to post about negative topics too much on here but sometimes I need to get a few things off my chest.