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I’ve spent years trying to figure out a way to describe my personal style and often I still feel like I haven’t quite got it yet. However there are key pieces I keep going back to because they make me feel like myself and I just couldn’t live without them. Although style evolves, I feel like these are elements are essential in my closet no matter the trends or the season.

Oatmeal & navy

If you look at my closet, I did my best at colour-coordinating everything but it ends up being half navy and half oatmeal-beige coloured clothes. I can’t help it! They make me feel put together and they just go with everything. Every single day you will find me wearing one of these colours or both mixed together.

Pointy flat shoes or booties

Again, this is something I can’t get enough of. Usually in the summer I will wear slip on flat shoes because it’s the easiest thing to wear and every single pair I own has a pointy toe. In fall/winter, I will turn to black ankle boots with a small heel but again with a pointy toe. This is the style I find most flattering on myself and it goes with my overall aesthetic.


I’ve only realized recently how many pleated items I own and it includes everything from skirts to dresses and even tops. The dress I wore the most this summer was my & Other Stories black midi pleated dress because it was such a versatile piece. Maybe I should look into Issey Miyake clothes because it’s THE reference in terms of pleats.

Gold jewelry

Finally, I can’t leave my home without my favourite gold jewelry pieces. Every time I try to wear a silver piece it never feels right. I think gold complements my skin tone and it’s also a long-lasting metal (which is great because I’m trying to make long-lasting purchases).

What are your personal style essentials?

Bag: Chloe via Love that Bag / Knit: COS / Jeans: Mango

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