This weekend, I read an article that was criticizing fashion bloggers and beauty youtubers for being superficial, and encouraging young girls to be frivolous. It made me question my passion for fashion, the content on my blog, and if I was doing anything wrong. But then I thought about the values that I have been promoting here for the last six years. In the last six years, I talked about promoting local fashion, and emerging companies across the world (rather than big corporations). I discussed the importance of investing in quality pieces to avoid buying unnecessary items. I also talked about books and podcasts that made me think, travel experiences that had an impact on me, and the importance of being yourself. Sure, I still talk about clothes and makeup and often present items from big retailers (because this is what I can afford), but I'm doing something that I love, and I am continuously learning through my blog. So today, I'm asking you to think about this: what are you passionate about? And if you are passionate about something, don't let the critics discourage you! 

In these photos, I am wearing a coat from the small Spanish brand 'Nice Things Paloma S' and a sweater from Yerse, another small brand from Barcelona! 

Coat: Nice Things Paloma S via Agence Mélanie McLean / Sweater: Yerse via Agence Melanie McLean / Skirt: Zara / Necklace: COS