Reading is one of the most relaxing and inspiring activity there is. I spend at least a good 30 minutes every two weeks at my public library; just wandering around, and trying to find interesting books to read. Whether it is while taking a bath (quite risky but so pleasant), or in my room before going to bed, I like to get offline, grab a book, and go on an adventure. 

I realized that a lot of people around me don't take the time to read for themselves, but rather they do it when it is mandatory for school or work, making the act of reading a painful task. I also think that online technologies have something to do with that, because there are always so many other things to do than reading. 

This year, I want to inspire more people to actually pick up a book, or for people that already read a lot to discover new books by sharing my favorite stories on this blog. 

To start the year, I wanted to present the book that I am currently reading (with only a few pages left), Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continent by Elisabeth Eaves. It is a travel memoir that recounts the numerous adventures of the author throughout the world. She explores different cultures and mentality while going away to places I would have never imagined going. She always has the desire of moving somewhere else to push her boundaries, run away, meet different people, and explore new ways of living. From a year studying in Cairo, to escapades in Spain or China, she is fearless and determined! 

Reading this books totally made me realize that there are other things worth seeing that might not come to mind at first. It is something I am going to keep in mind for the future. 

Do you have any good book suggestions? Love. S.