Bloom by Estée Lalonde

Bloom is a book that Estée Lalonde, one of my favourite person on the Internet, has just released. Her aesthetic, which could be described as minimalist with a touch of quirkiness, can easily be seen throughout the images and the graphic design. What I loved the most about this read is how it transported me through different emotions: I laughed a lot, and even cried! She discusses people, style, travel, food, and other very personal bits that were surprising and honest. It's a great book to make you reflect on different aspects of your life, and to get you inspired to create something meaningful. 

La Mer lip balm, Breast cancer edition

Ahhh La Mer! I've heard so many great things about this luxury skincare (and now makeup) brand, and I was eager to see what the hype was all about. It's definitely a splurge, so I suggest buying products that you know you will make good use of. As for their lip balm, I'm very impressed! The smell is amazing, and the texture makes my lips very soft. 

The Book Of Hygge: The Danish Art Of Living Well by Louisa Thomsen Brits

Ok so I haven't technically finished this book, but I've read enough of it to know that I'm loving it! It's about "Hygge", a concept in the Danish culture that describes a feeling of coziness and belonging. The images are extremely pretty, and I find it very interesting to learn about the Danish culture (especially after I've travelled to Danemark). And 'Hygge' might be one of the reasons why Danemark is considered the happiest country in the world! 

What are the things that you've been loving this month?