By now you already know that flowers and Scandinavian design are two topics I love to talk about. And this is why I wanted to discuss about the book "New Nordic Gardens: Scandinavian Landscape Design" by Annika Zetterman. First of all, let's just judge the book by its cover: it's a stunning volume to display on a coffee table! The cover is minimal and presents a large image of different varieties of plants with an attractive color palette. It's a luscious yet reserved first cover that makes you want to discover what Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have to offer.

This illustrated book presents some of the most beautiful Scandinavian gardens, their designs, and the values associated with it. The author, a professional garden designer, describes each garden with a precise attention to detail. I love that she links each items of the gardens to a specific Nordic value like silence, simplicity or care.

Not only are the images inspiring to look at, they also transport you in a true Nordic viewpoint where minimalism, nature and design co-exist. For me, it was a different way to look at the Scandinavian culture where the seasons and the importance for simplicity reign. If you are looking for inspiration or if you simply want to evade your thoughts, I would recommend it in a second! For each garden, Zetterman talks about how shape, structure, colors, pattern work in harmony to create a peaceful and inspiring space. I've enjoyed learning about her notion of space and her respect for the environment.

Take a break to "hygge" with that book in your hand with a comfortable blanket and a delicious Earl Grey tea! x