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Well, hello 2019! I have been waiting for this year for a very very long time, and it has finally come. 2018 was a great year for me, but 2019 is the year I become fully independent. It can be quite scary to jump into the unknown and leave everything behind. Being scared of ‘adulting’ perfectly captures the zeitgeist of Millennials and Get Z, but I am determined to handle this shift with the utmost courage and optimism. 

For years I have been imagining what it’s like to become an adult: to suddenly be in charge of finances, house chores, meal plans, to make important decisions, and take your own doctor’s appointments (which I’ve already been doing). Besides, as someone obsessed with doing the laundry and making lists, a little floor clean and a weekly grocery’s list doesn’t sound so intimidating. That is, especially since I’ll only have to clean up after myself and don’t have anyone else under my charge. However I do realize that it is the combination of all the tasks that can make adult life daunting. 

In the next four months, as I prepare for this transition into a fully independent adulthood, I also want to enjoy being young for a little while longer: not feeling guilty when I leave clothes on the floor, when stay in my pjs all weekend, or when I eat candies at my desk. And in some ways, I also feel already pretty grown-up: I bought a wool & cashmere shampoo last week to wash my knits and started reading my first Jane Austen novel on New Year’s Eve… how grown-up is that!

Now let’s just hope I can commit to making my bed every morning as soon as I get up…

Shirt: Mads Nørgaard / Jeans: Weekday

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