By now, I've probably shouted that I love podcasts to everyone who would hear it. Podcasts get me through boring metro rides, they keep me company when I'm home alone and they make a fun activity out of doing the laundry. I can't get enough of them, which is why I always need to find new ones to feed my ears. Here are the three latest additions to my podcast playlist...

The Debrief Podcast

If you are in your twenties and you love British humor, this one is for you! Every week, Stevie and Tessa discuss everyday topics like dealing with jealousy, being productive, making your house feel like a home, etc! I love how approachable their topics feel and how it makes me in such a good mood. Their laugh is infectious!

Love Stories by Dolly Alderton

This one is very new, so far I've listened to the only episode available (at the time I'm writing this) which was a conversation Dolly Alderton had with Vanessa Kirby. Yes, the actress who plays Princess Margaret, my favourite character in The Crown. Dolly Alderton is a writer who just published a book called "What I Know About Love" and this podcast is a continuation of this topic. They talk about first loves, passions, and more! It's very personal yet super relatable.

Late Night Woman's Hour

Another British podcast! In this one produced by the BBC, the host Lauren and her guests engage in different topics like parties, hair, or instinct. I love how all her guests have a specific background related to the topic because we get an interesting and more developed insight into the conversations. 

Others I've been loving are ... Let's Discuss Podcast (probably my all-time favourite, but I already mentioned it on my blog), Hashtag Authentic and How To Curate Your Life. What are your favourite podcasts?