The Estée Edit

The Estée Edit is a new line from Estée Lauder that launched a few weeks ago. When I heard the news, I was really excited because the identity of the brand and the packaging seemed really cool. At first, when I tried the products, I was not sure about them, because it meant experimenting with different colours and textures that I wasn't used to. However, now I'm actually hooked! 

Pore Vanishing Stick: The name says it all! I think it's the perfect item to carry with you all day because it's life-saving, and not near as messy as powder. 

Beam Team: The smell of this product is not my favourite. It's an illuminator that you can use as a base, and I really like the glowing finish. It feels a little bit sticky, but the result outweighs the negatives of this product. 

Lipstick - The Barest: 06 nude Scene: I've been a little bit disappointed with this product. The color is awesome, however, it's very sheer once you put it on your lips. I think I will still use it as a stain. And did I say I was obsessed with the packaging?

Lipstick - Mattified: 05 Just Sayin': My new favourite statement lipstick. It's a very bright pink, extremely pigmented, and matte. I've been wearing it a lot in the past few weeks. 

Metallishadow - 03 Scarlet Eclipse: It still have to experiment with this one a little bit more. Basically, it is an eye product in two parts: glitter powder (gold) and a creamy burgundy base. Mixed together, it actually looks amazing! Since it's part of the "Edgiest" collection, I guess it's something that I'm going to use for special occasions. 

NARS Velvet Eyeliner

Blue Lotus and Curaçao

Part of NARS' new Fall collection, the Velvet Eyeliners! So far, I've only worn Blue Lotus, which is a mix between purple and navy. This eyeliner is so easy to apply and it glides very smoothly. I'm also obsessed with its powdery/velvety finish. I just think it's the perfect touch to add a little bit of edge to your makeup.

Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara

As I said a few times before, Beautycounter is a cosmetic brand that I love: they use safe ingredients, and have great values. This mascara reminds me a lot of the Lancôme hypnose because it's super lengthening. The only thing I would say is that it's very hard to take off. I'm not sure if it's waterproof, but I need to use an oily makeup remover to take it off. 

What is your favourite new product? Love. S.