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When summer comes around (ok that is not true, “year-round” is more appropriate”), I like to go for all-white outfits or wear neutral on neutral. Not only does it look super polished, but it also means that it is an easy task to mix and match pieces. Some people avoid this trend for fear of ruining their clothes, but fashion isn’t meant to be restrictive, so I say go for it! Worst thing that can happen is that you have to use a stain solution or put your clothes in the washing machine. I wore this simple outfit on my first day at work, and then wore it again a few days later for brunch with a friend in Notting Hill. The only thing I had to do was to change a few accessories to make it more appropriate for each occasions.

To combine different shades of neutral, my advice would be to really go for it with similar tones but different textures or going with different tones altogether. Texture is the key because it adds an interesting layer to the outfit; for example a beige biker jacket with a white flowy pleated skirt and a plain white T-shirt, so chic! An easier way to incorporate this trend in your life is with dressed and jumpsuits because you only have to coordinate your shoes and bag.

What is your favourite summer trend?

Skirt: Arket / Top: Uniqlo / Shoes: & Other Stories / Bag & Sunglasses: Céline

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