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Fall is a season associated with cozyness (hygge if you wish) and hibernating. For me this year, I also feel a great need for nesting. As you might know, I will be moving to London in exactly 7 months. As this is approaching, I have this urgency  to spend time at home, to appreciate my environment as much as I can, and also spend more time with my family. I know once I’m there my situation will be different, I will probably not be as comfortable as I am now, so I want to enjoy it while I can (but there will be so many other benefits). At the moment, I live with my family, I have the privilege of getting home to home-cooked dinners and great company.

While I feel good about enjoying my home, I also have this guilt for not spending more time with friends and taking in everything the city has to offer. But it’s also not what I am longing for. I want to spend my weekends cooking, doing the laundry, watching a movie with my family, reading in my favourite chair and going to sleep at a decent hour. I don’t want to feel challenged or exhausted, I want to feel comfortable and supported. Maybe the way I feel is due to the change of season, but I also made the comment to my mom that I’m just like the pregnant women who nest in order to be prepared for a big change in their life (the only difference is that I’m not expecting a baby hahah). So we’ll see what happens in the coming months, but one thing for sure is that I will enjoy the Holiday season to the fullest, in the comfort of my own home (while watching The Holiday for the 100th time).

Coat & turtleneck: COS / Trousers: Samsøe Samsøe / Boots: Aldo

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COS Fall / Winter 2018