NARS is one of my favorite beauty brands. I like it because they offer quality products with funky names, multiple colours, and their packaging is very minimalist. So I recently received a few products from their new Spring collection, that will be available February 1st, and here is what I think about it; 

Velvet Matte Skin Tint - foundation: I usually don't wear foundation on a daily basis, I either go bare or use a little bit of bb cream, but I was excited to try something new! The foundation is in a creamy formula, so it was different than what I have tried before. The consistency is soft, and it has a lot of coverage. The finish is very matte, but it doesn't feel cacky! People with oily skin will love it because you practically don't need primer! However, I tend to have a very dry skin in the winter, so I prefer a dewy finish. Since my skin changes throughout the seasons, I'm guessing this is the kind of product that I will like better in the summer. 

For the shade, I was surprised to see that the one that corresponds me the most is the second-lightest one. I have an olive tone to my skin, and even if I loose my tan in the winter, I'm usually not the one with the palest complexion. So if you have really pale skin, I suggest that you take more time choosing the shade, as there are less options. However, in the summer, it could be easier to find one. In total, there are 12 shades. 

Overall, this is a foundation that I would consider more during summer time, but depending on your type of skin, it could be the perfect one for you at the moment. The texture is great, and you don't need to worry about hiding blemishes with concealer after. The greatest thing about this foundation is that the packaging is easy for travelling or bringing it in your handbag!

Impassionned blush - Pink orchid: If you know NARS blushes, this one is no different. Easy to apply, great pigmentation, lovely powdery finish. I love the shade of this blush because it makes me think of burgeoning flowers in the Spring. A very romantic shade!

Rosecliff lipstick - Soft rose: With this lipstick, I can say that I have found the ultimate nude-rosy shade. Kind of like your natural lip color, but better! Easy to apply, and does not dry the lips. In between a matte and a normal finish. 

Green eyeshadow - Tarvos: Probably not my favorite shade because I tend to wear more neutral color, but it has a lovely pigmentation and finish. Would recommend to anyone who's not afraid to experiment with makeup!