Here I am again with a review of the new NARS collection. I was planning on doing one big review of all the new exciting fall launches from different brands, but it would have been too long to read in one post. So you should expect to see a few posts about fall launches in the next few weeks. Today I'm reviewing some products from the NARS Audacious collection. 

Brow Defining Cream

This product can be a little bit intimidating at first (in my case) because it's very pigmented and you don't need to use too much of it. It can be used to fill in your brows or to really define their shape. After watching this tutorial, I was definitely more confident with it. There are four shades, ranging from blonde to dark brown. I would say that it's something to use if it's not your first time filling in your bows, otherwise it has a great consistency. 

Audacious Lipstick (shades: Apoline, Mona, Stefania)

I love this lipstick! To be honest, NARS lipsticks are my favourites: they glides so easily on the lips, the pigmentation is on point, they have beautiful shades, and they are long lasting. Also, this packaging is a little bit different from the other NARS lipsticks I have but the magnetic closure is very satisfying (I had to put this out there) and safe for your handbag. 

Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo

Ever since Sephora stopped selling the Eyeko 'Eye Do' eyeliner, I've been looking for another good one to replace it: and this is it. The tip is soft, which makes it very easy to apply, and is not too small nor too big. I just find that it's not the most pigmented eyeliner because you might need to apply a second layer, but it's ideal for mistakes. If you are looking for the perfect cat-eye pencil, don't look further. The eyeliner is available in matte and shiny finishes. 

What are your favourite NARS products?