Social media do not always represent reality. This is one of the things I have learned while reading Sophie Kinsella's new novel My (Not So) Perfect Life. In the story, the main character Katie struggles with life in London, but does not want to admit it to her entourage and to the world, so she pretends everything is perfect. She is a country girl with a dream to make it in the big city, but she has to build everything from scratch, while so many people are trying to do the same thing. Through challenges, Katie discovers herself and grows to see life through a different glass. I loved how this book is so relevant to the time we are in. Kinsella covers the difficulties of finding a job, of living in a big city like London, of understanding social media, and of defining what a 'perfect life' actually is. I think any young adult would especially love this novel. It's a very easy and pleasant read, and I think it can allow us all to reflect on our own choices. 

This book totally shows Kinsella's style, only with a fresh touch of modernism! If you loved her Shopaholic serie, I am sure you will also love this one!

My (Not So) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella - published by The Dial Press