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* This post features images posted in previous posts and new ones, hence why some of the decor elements are different*

As the month of May approaches, I am realizing that this next year will be my last year living at home. As soon as my last semester ends in April/May 2019, I will be moving to London (if all goes to plan with the visa and everything). I am more than ready to leave the family nest and live on my own, I think I'm fully capable of taking on more responsibilities and becoming even more independent. There is one thing however that I will deeply miss... my bedroom. 

My family moved here when I was four, and my mom remembers how proud I felt when I chose the biggest bedroom after the master's bedroom. Throughout the years, we painted it 3 times: lilac, then yellow and green, and then two tones of grey. I'm the one who painted it the last time, all by myself. It was a challenge! You can definitely tell when you look at the ceiling as it is very uneven but I love it, and I'm so proud I did it all by myself (#IndependentWoman). 

The issue with moving abroad is that you can't bring all your stuff with you. I know these are only material things and they shouldn't be very important. But... considering I will be moving abroad all by myself, having the things that make me feel at home would facilitate the adaptation. Instead, I will bring all my belongings to the country house, transform my bedroom there, and my sister will be taking over my room here (she is already planning her new decor and showing me Pinterest boards for inspiration). 

Ultimately I will be sad to leave this space because I feel like it's an accurate representation of who I am now. I love the bookshelf full of my favourite books and travel memories. I love the polaroid pictures scattered across my room. I love the saturated image of Gamla Stan behind my bed. I love the natural light that comes in in the afternoon (perfect for my flat lay pictures). I love my walk-in closet. And most importantly, I love how this place feels like home. 

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