At the moment, my posts are pretty much a mix between my trip to the Caribbean and to Scandinavia, I hope that you can still keep up with that! However, today I will be talking about something else: the biggest yoga gathering of the year, the Lolë White Tour. Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I don't practice yoga regularly, and that makes me a beginner.

So last Saturday was the Lolë White Tour and I was attending as a media. Before the yoga session, we were served a delicious healthy breakfast prepared by the Sofitel hotel's restaurant, it was delicious! During the session, the Montreal group Milk & Bone was performing, and the atmosphere was so peaceful and energizing. Also the fact that everyone was dressed in white and that we were so many brought a special vibe that was very comforting. The yoga teachers for this event were Dawn Mauricio and Faith Hunter, I really liked that they were talking to us about community and unison while they were showing us the postures. All the moves were easy to adapt depending on our own personal skills. Overall this event brought me so much joy on a Saturday and the feeling that we were 6500 persons doing yoga at the same time is definitely incredible! Love. S.