I recently travelled to Scandinavia to visit friends of mine that I met two years ago during my "exchange" summer in London. We visited Stockholm, Göteborg, Nässjö, and Copenhagen. All these cities were incredibly beautiful, and I was lucky enough to learn about the Scandinavian culture; eat their best dishes, listen to their music, and interact with local people, it was incredible! So here are my top things to see/do/eat/listen to, and to follow the tradition, I made a travel diary video, and here it is, hope you like it! Love. S.

TO SEE - Stockholm Royal Chapel

I am smitten with all things royal, so I was more than interested to learn all about the Swedish (and Danish) royalty. The little chapel inside Kungliga Slottet (Stockholm Royal Palace) is a beauty! It was built during the 18th century, and was recently used for the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and his wife Sofia. I love the gold details all over the chapel (and of course it's in the palace).

TO DO - Bike in Copenhagen

One of the most awesome experiences of my trip was to travel by bike in Copenhagen. I actually believe that it was the most efficient way to travel the city as a tourist (of course with a guide), because it was a lot less tiring than walking, a lot cheaper than cars, buses and underground, and good for the body!

TO EAT - Traditional food

If you want traditional Swedish food, I suggest that you try the crayfish marinated in dill, and for the dessert, try lussekatter (a saffran bun), it was oh so good and those dishes are usually prepared for special holidays/traditions.

TO LISTEN - Swedish talent

While in Stockholm, I discovered the singer Loreen during an open air festival. This Swedish singer won the Eurovision contest a few years ago, and I'm still wondering why I've never heard about her on the American continent (she's too good!). Other things to listen to: Zara Larsson, "Fan va bra" by Jakob Karlberg, "Sommarplågor" by Hampus Carlsson,... (the suggestions are from my friends, thank you!)