This weekend is very exciting for me... my blog turns 5!!! It's incredible to think that it's been so long since it feels like it's only been a week. I was so young and innocent when I decided to start this blog, and the name it used to be called is a proof of that (no comment haha). I am so proud of all the maturity and experience I gained over this half decade. Those who've been following me for a while knows that I went into every direction possible; starting only in French, then writing both in French and English, and now only in English. I also started with very embarrassing posts talking about cakes or posting weird photos of me not knowing what I was doing. For those who want to venture on these daring archives go for it, I'm sure you will have a great laugh!

So far this journey has been incredible: I met A LOT of amazing people (and some of them became my friends), discovered so much about business and the fashion industry, learned how to deal with a very tight schedule, enjoyed some really fun events, saw some behind the scenes of the fashion design industry, etc. I had a blast, but I also worked my butt off, and it was totally worth it!

Today I wanted to celebrate by sharing with you these pictures from my second collaboration with the Montreal-based shop L'intervalle (all my previous shoots here). I shot their fall collection with the help of the amazing photographer, Sarah Paradis. It was a new thing for me to wear Oxford shoes and I think they are the bomb, especially paired with an all white look and the beautiful Westmount Greenhouse in the background! Love. S. 

Oxford shoes: L'intervalle/ Sleeveless blazer: River Islands / Tank top: Aritzia / Shorts: Matinique In Wear

Pictures: Sarah Paradis Photography