Here are some pictures of my firsts two days in Stockholm. I arrived here last Wednesday and I'm having a blast right now! First of all I had the best welcome ever (or should I say VΓ€lkommen?), my friends went to pick me up at the airport with this really cool sign that says "Welcome to Sweden". So far, we explored Gamla Stan (the old city), Skansen (the outdoor museum), Kungliga Slottet (the royal palace) and the big church where the future queen of Sweden got married. We also did boat rides, tried a lot of different delicious Swedish foods: meatballs, cinnamon bun, fika, lingonberry,... And we even saw a show of Loreen, a Swedish winner of Eurovision that was playing in a park not too far from where we are staying. I discovered her for the first time at the show, and it was amazing! Hopefully my Swedish is getting better by the time, and I'm going to keep updating you in the next few days! Love. S.