I'm not a beauty expert nor do I spend too much money on makeup, but I watch a lot of beauty tutorials, and I like beauty stuff. However, I like to have a minimal amount of essentials that works for me, so I don't go overboard. I recently went into Sephora to look around and see if something looked interesting, because I felt like trying something new. I found this

Prime Style Extender from Living Proof

that seemed promising, especially since I am always trying to give some texture to my short hair, and keep everything in place when I decide to curl my hair. At first I wondered if it would do the same thing as a mousse, but it has the consistency of a cream. This primer is said to repel dirt and oil so my hair can be clean for longer, create a base for styling, and give a nice lightweight effect to the hair. So far, I tried the product without styling my hair, and I am happy with the result. It doesn't feel like I have product in my hair, they definitely feel weightless, and they smell amazing.

And since it was my birthday, I got the Beauty Insider's Bday gift, which was two

lip pencils from Nars

. I've only heard good things from them, but haven't tried them yet. So far the colors looks amazing! Love. S.