As you probably know, I always love a good interior decoration. My Pinterest board "Home inspiration" is overflowing with images of pretty houses and cafes. The other day I went into Tommy Montreal, and I had pretty high expectations because of the pictures I had previously seen on Instagram. But the reality was beyond my expectations. First of all, the building is majestic! The cafe is inside the "British Empire Building" which was actually built in 1874 with the architectural plans of John William Hopkins, and used to serve as the Exchange Bank of Canada. With its rich past, the interior is full of Victorian woodwork that just adds the charm to this place. The windows are incredible too, the place was so luminous with the white walls and these big arches. The elements of decorations themselves were a bit more modern: there are plants on the ceiling, different kinds of chairs and tables, some in marbles, others in wood. And of course... the marble surfboard hanging on a wall that just caught my attention, it's the detail that transform this old building into a very trendy place.

I could not resist taking these pictures, the place is fascinating! The café itself offers so many options, from fresh juices to pastries, to coffee... The staff is very welcoming and the music playing is similar to old jazz (I can't exactly tell) so it was the icing on the cake! Love. S.

Tommy Montreal, 200 rue Notre-Dame O.