«I look the way I look because of the way I think»

Sometimes, the greatest discoveries are made throughout social networks, and the shoe store L'intervalle was one of them for me. I was lucky to discover this local shop that offers a great variety of shoes in a very affordable price for their quality. Most of them are made in Spain and Italy and the shoes are in leather. The store itself is a gem, I especially like the interior which was designed by the founders of the store, that creates the design of the shoes as well (so much talent in just one place!!). 

I had the chance to collaborate with them on a special serie of pictures, I cannot wait for you to see them, we put so much effort in the creative process. In the meantime I suggest that you go visit this store because their staff is very welcoming and their shoes are to die for! Love. S. 

L'intervalle, 806 avenue Mont Royal Est, Montreal