Well... another radio silence, but summer school is over I will have more time to shoot outfits and write blog posts. Today I started watching the reality tv show "fashion blogger" that is following 5 digital influencers from Australia. These girls are seriously inspiring and very motivating. It is great to see the behind the scenes of 5 very popular bloggers that can actually blog as a living. I really want to create content that is unique and representative of who I am. For the moment, I can really do that via Instagram, so do not hesitate to follow me to see all this (@sandrinev). One thing I wanted to share with you today is some pictures I took of beautiful buildings in Montreal and London. I am a passionate of architecture and even thought that I would be an architect myself when I was about 9 years old. I changed my mind for the job but I still have this passion the art and details that we can find in beautiful buildings. If you are from Montreal or if you ever have to visit the city, I suggest that you go see the building near the Champ de Mars metro station or the Windsor train station. And as for London I cannot even start: the British Museum, Somerset House, Harrods, all of Notting Hill,... And I am thrilled that this summer I will be able to see a different kind of architecture in Scandinavia. Let me know if you like this kind of post, I also have a lot of architecture pictures that I took in the Caribbean, Spain, and in New York.